established 1987
JOHN DOUGILL did a postgraduate course in Slavonic Studies at Queen's College in 1972-73. He set up Oxface in 1987 while working as an EFL teacher in Oxford, before moving to Japan where he is professor of British Studies at Ryukoku University in Kyoto. Amongst his publications are Oxford in English Literature (Univ. of Michigan Press), Kyoto (Signal Press/OUP), and Gentleman and Hooligan: The British in Film 1921-1971 (Ryukoku University Press). He is also the author of three EFL books and eleven Japanese college textbooks. Amongst his current interests are chess and the shamanic roots of Shinto, in pursuit of which he made an overland journey from the Shaman's Rock of Lake Baikal across Manchuria and through Korea into Kyushu where he followed the mythic route of the legendary Emperor Jimmu to Yamato and the beginnings of modern Japan.
PAUL MEDLEY has been working as a freelance photographer and designer in Oxford for many years. He first teamed up with John Dougill for the publication of Oxford: A Literary Guide. Paul also looks after the distribution and day to day organisation of Oxface in Oxford.
Apart from his work with Oxface Paul Medley also works with musicians and performance artists, designs CD covers for a number of music publishers and has worked on projects with many other companies. His work is featured in Portrait Photography published by Rotovision. He also provides photography and reviews for the Oxford Times. For more information go to www.paulmedley.co.uk
Oxface publications are available in Blackwells, Borders, the Tourist Information, St Mary's Church, Christ Church, Alice's Shop and tourist outlets in Oxford