British Culture in Popular Movies
Through a focus on well-known films, the book surveys the changing culture of Britain from the gentleman ethos of the 1950s to present-day multiculturalism. Films range from 'Remains of the Day' to 'Harry Potter', and from 'The Full Monty' to 'Elizabeth'. In this way a wide variety of topics are covered, including such diverse issues as modern relationships, Scottish autonomy, the heritage industry and drugs.
The book has gap-filling exercises for comprehension, and while the text stands on its own, it leaves open the possibility of video use in the classroom.
Great Britons
This Japanese college textbook considers the cultural significance of ten famous people: King Arthur; William the Conqueror; Henry VIII; Elizabeth I; William Shakespeare; Oliver Cromwell; Horatio Nelson; Charles Darwin; Queen Victoria; and Winston Churchill. In this way the book covers the span of British history and allows for an understanding of the main developments. Written in simple language, it contains several illustrations per unit which help students gain a better picture of the subject-matter. Religious issues, political matters, Civil War and the British Empire - through a focus on personalities, the book serves as a vital introduction to the culture of Britain.
Understanding Movies
Subtitled A Study of Popular Film Genres, this textbook examines the appeal of twelve different types of storyline. The question the book asks is why do we go to watch the same kind of film over and over again. In considering the answer, the author draws on the ideas behind Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey and makes reference in each case to an outstanding example of the genre. 'Jurassic Park' is used to illustrate the lure of Adventure, and 'The Matrix' for Science Fiction. In this way the author draws the reader in to think more fully about popular movies and what they have to say about the world in which we live.